White-clawed Crayfish

Latin Name:
Austropotamobius pallipes

Common Name:
White-clawed crayfish

Conservation Status:

Found throughout Europe

This is a freshwater species which can be found underneath submerged cobbles, logs, rocks, tree roots, and amongst fallen leaves in permanent water bodies, such as, canals, streams, lakes, rivers, reservoirs and water-filled quarries.

Leaf litter from trees and other plants, after is has soaked for several days.  Any aquatic invertebrates slow enough to be caught, other crayfish, dead fish or other animal remains and occasionally small live fish.

They may grow up to 12cm (5 inches) long, and reach up to 90g in weight.

Number of young:
The number of eggs carried are from 20-160 but it is usually less than 100.

Eggs are carried by the mother over winter.

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