Trout and Salmon Conservation Breeding Programme

Ballinderry Rivers Trust runs a breeding and restocking programme for native brown trout, Dollaghan trout and Atlantic salmon

The Trust is currently breeding about 400,000 brown trout and dollaghan trout and 20,000 Atlantic salmon annually and releasing these back to parts of the Ballinderry River system where our survey work has told us that fish stocks are below optimum carrying capacity.

In order to do this, staff and volunteers from the Trust collect wild spawners from the well populated parts of the river and its tributaries during November and December to crossbreed with fish held in the breeding centre from previous years.
The eggs are incubated in troughs with river water flowing through them until they hatch. 
The emerging alevins are grown on until the fish is ready to swim up and begin feeding. 
Once they reach this stage they are known as ‘swim up fry’ and are ready to be released to the river. 
The fry are released into the poorly populated parts of the river and its tributaries during spring.



This project is funded annually by River Care Ltd.


1984 – ongoing



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