About our projects

Ballinderry Rivers Trust’s projects are designed to help improve the health of the river, protect and conserve the precious creatures and plants that call it home, improve our understanding of the freshwater environment and make the river an enjoyable place for people to live, work and play next too.  

All of our projects are based around the Trust’s core project values:

Catchment-based approach – taking a whole river catchment or sub-catchment approach to project work, allowing us to provide multiple benefits through targeted project work
Evidence-based approach – undertaking project work because there is evidence that it is necessary and not just because we feel like doing it or it sounds like a good idea
Community Involvement – involving as many members of the public as possible through volunteering opportunities, agreeing access to undertake surveys and work or seeking the local community’s knowledge and expertise in planning and undertaking a project.
Education and knowledge sharing – Telling people about what we are doing and why we are doing it and sharing the information gathered during a project with others to further help the conservation and protection of the river for its wildlife and the communities that live along it.

Current Projects

Ballinderry Freshwater Pearl Mussel Rescue Project
Ballinderry Riverfly Monitoring Initiative
Daubenton’s Bat Survey (All-Ireland)
Dollaghan trout, Brown trout and Salmon Conservation Breeding Programme
Hatchery in the Classroom
Upper Ballinderry Invasive Plant Control Programme
White-clawed Crayfish Breeding and Reintroduction Programme



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