Our trustees

Our Board of Trustees is made of up local business-owners, conservation professionals, educationalists and representatives of local river and wildlife interest groups and wider community interests.
The Board undertake the important role of governing the Trust as an open and transparent charity, able to deliver its core objectives for the benefit of the public, wildlife and our precious freshwater environment.

Stanley Aspinall

Stanley is local businessman from Cookstown. 
For many years he has managed his own fishing tackle shop in Cookstown and is the Chairman of Kingsbridge Angling Club.

Leo Cassidy MBE

Leo is the Chairperson of Ballinderry Rivers Trust.
Leo is a local businessman from Ballinderry Bridge. 
He has been the Chairperson of Ballinderry Rivers and its predecessor (BREA) since 1985.
He was awarded an MBE for Services to Conservation in 1994.

Eamon Cullen   

Eamon is an active local conservationist with a keen passion for wildlife in general. 
In his spare time is semi-professional musician and plays the Bodhrán.

Denis Ferguson

Denis is a retired art teacher and professional artist with a home-studio in Cookstown. 
He is involved with the Mid-Ulster Angling Club.

Richard Graham   

Ricky is the Treasurer of Ballinderry Rivers Trust.
Ricky is a Section Manager at a well-known Cookstown business. 
He is a keen wildlife enthusiast and angler.

John Hagan

John is a Civil Servant, from Coagh, and Chairman of Coagh Angling Club.

William Irvine

Ronnie, as he is known to his friends, is a retired Chemistry teacher form Cookstown. 
He is a keen rambler and photographer.

Joseph Johnston

Kevin, as he is known to his friends, is a retired English teacher and successful author. 
Originally from Derry, he now lives in Moneymore where he writes books on local history and wildlife.  

Dr Rory Mellon

Rory is the Vice-Chairperson of Ballinderry Rivers Trust.
Rory is a Civil Servant from Belfast and manages NIEA’s Quoile Countryside Centre, County Down. 
He is a keen wildlife and conservation enthusiast and has been involved with Ballinderry Rivers Trust and its predecessor (BREA) for many years.

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