Annual Reports

Ballinderry Rivers Trust prides itself on adopting best practice in its Governance and in the delivery of its activities. 
For the financial year 2014-15, Ballinderry Rivers Trust has elected to produce an Annual Report (including Trustees Report) and Financial Statement as best practice, ahead of the Trust being required to do so as a condition of charity regulation by The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland. 


Click here to download the Trustees report and financial statements

Past Financial Statements (2006-2014)

A copy of the Trust’s Financial Statements can be accessed here for the years over which it has held charitable status for tax purposes in Northern Ireland.
2014    Financial Statement
2013    Financial Statement
2012    Financial Statement
2011    Financial Statement
2010    Financial Statement
2009    Financial Statement
2008    Financial Statement
2007    Financial Statement
2006    Financial Statement

Reporting to the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland

The Trust has now been called forward for full registration with the new Charity Commission for Northern Ireland. 
Our submission date is 25th June 2015.
While we are going through the process of Charity Registration, the Trust is keeping a close eye on the Commission’s website so as to be fully informed of developments regarding charity registration and developing reporting requirements.
The Board of Trustees is committed to adopting beast practice as described by the Commission, even before the Trust is registered. 
Our website will be updated to inform the public of the Trust’s progress through the registration process.

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