Aims and Objectives

Our aim

Ballinderry Rivers Trust aims to conserve, protect and improve the rivers and loughs of the Ballinderry River system, Lough Neagh, the Lough’s western-shore streams, and their wildlife, for the benefit of the public and the wider environment.


To work in partnership with local communities, landowners, river and environmental interest groups, businesses, education providers and statutory agencies to ensure that all our projects are sustainable, evidence-based, and utilise the invaluable knowledge, experience and skills that exists in our community.

To improve the health of the rivers and loughs in the Trust’s area through water quality and habitat improvement projects.

To conserve and protect locally and globally threatened freshwater species

To provide volunteer and training opportunities for the public; helping the trust to deliver its work and upskilling the public with transferable knowledge and skills

To educate the community on the importance of the freshwater environment and the role they can play in its protection.

To support and undertake research to further our understanding of the freshwater environment

To improve river and lough recreation and access opportunities that allow the public to enjoy our freshwater environment in an environmentally sensitive way, bring benefits to the public, the environment and the local economy.

Strategic delivery of our Aims and Objectives

The Trust’s strategy for achieving its aims and objectives are twofold:

Through its core activities:

  1. The Trust acts as the umbrella organisation for river interest groups operating in the Trust’s area of charitable interest.  Its policy is to support the development of, and build capacity in these organisations helping to deliver the Trust’s objects and provide wider public benefit to its work.
  2. The Trust provides mentoring in the further development of young people and life-long learners in the field of river conservation and management, benefitting the environment and the wider public.

  3. The Trust provides volunteering opportunities, helping the Trust to deliver its objects and providing wider public benefit to its work.

Through its project activities:

  1. The Trust pursues mainly public grant funded opportunities to promote and develop practical solutions to environmental issues for public benefit and to educate the community on the importance of the freshwater environment.  

In setting objectives and planning for activities, the Trust have given due consideration to general guidance published by the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland relating to wider public benefit for the’ Advancement of environmental protection or improvement’ and the ‘Advancement of education’.

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